Pushing Beyond the Comfort Zone

Pushing Beyond the Comfort ZoneDay two of class was much more comfortable than the first class. I honestly had no idea what to expect when signing up for this dance class, but the movements required of us during the first class were nothing that I had ever tried before, and by the end, I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable. While we repeated many of the same motion activities today, I was much more comfortable and was able to find a lot more enjoyment in the movement. During the choreography section I even really began to feel like we were expressing something through our movement, and we were creating art. I think the class generally was more comfortable with each other, and more comfortable moving together, which may have helped the creative juices flow.

I signed up for the class because I was excited about the intergenerational component. Today I was able to speak a little more in depth with some of the senior volunteers and enjoyed learning more about their interesting lives, but also to learn that they too were motivated to sign up for the class because of the intergenerational component. With both sides wanting to engage with, develop relationships with and learn from the other, makes for a really beautiful dynamic in the class.

Cara Whiting, graduate student in Physical Therapy