Webs of Connection

Webs of ConnectionSome stand statuesque while partners walk around one another, observing how we move, how we hold ourselves. Coming together into webs, where there were physical connections between everyone in the group. Breaking away, where every person drew away from each other, but still feeling that connection between the group. Everyone involved in each simple connection and movement. Each of these moments stood out to me from today’s class as ways of breaking down the walls and pre-conceived notions that are often between the different generations that met together today. Each movement pulled away blinders of age and simply allowed me to see a partner with whom I am sharing movement and expressiveness.

I am not exactly sure what I was expecting out of the first day in PALETTE in Motion, but it was better than I could have imagined. I was extremely excited to meet my PAL for the first time and to see what we were going to be learning. I was also nervous about what was going to be asked of us. I was worried that there might be movements that not everyone could do. That was not the case. There was some timidity at first, but by the end of class today everyone was so open and willing to jump in and move freely. I was in awe at the connections I could see between everyone in the groups on the first day, I cannot wait to observe how each group will continue to grow together throughout the semester.  I can honestly say that I never envisioned myself continuing to dance as I got older; however, after today, I want to embrace growing older and confidently know that I will still be dancing.

Colette McFaden, graduate student in Physical Therapy