Confidence and Gusto

Confidence and GustoToday was the last day of PALETTE in Motion for the Fall 2015 semester.  The group I have been working with over the past few weeks has grown tremendously in their ability to understand and comprehend the overall concepts of movement. Counting and establishing a pulse with music is a rather hard task for many people and communicating with my group about how to count was crucial.  In the end, my group was really able to find and keep a pulse when dancing together.

I have realized how great it is to work with people from different areas of study and age groups. You become aware of how amazing and powerful dance is in bringing people together to accomplish a common goal.  A common misconception among many young adults is that older adults are tired and stuck in their ways. PALETTE in Motion has shown me that this is incorrect. The older adults I had the opportunity to work with were more willing and excited about moving and learning new things than the students! They also completed every exercise with confidence and gusto! Aging should be seen as a good thing! It has been an invigorating and rewarding experience sharing and moving with everyone!

Kara Robertson, student in Dance