Sharing a Space Together

Sharing a Space TogetherThe PALETTE in Motion experience has been amazing every week.  This week in particular I noticed everyone’s heart rate was increased from all the full bodied movement we were doing.  I thought it was really nice to see how everyone was able to connect with the music we were using in some personal way; it didn’t matter that we all come from different backgrounds and we’re at different moments in our lives, we all moved together.  Moving down the soul train line with my PAL I felt so connected to her, partially I think because of how the music was making us feel, and also just because we were sharing a space together.  Movement is present in our everyday lives but during the PALETTE in Motion classes we get to explore new ways of moving that we don’t typically get to explore (including the dance majors).  You get to know everyone just by observing how they present themselves in the space.  It also doesn’t matter what age you are, the movement still looks beautiful and there are always some sweet moments between smaller groups where you can visually see the trust and respect between the dancers.  When creating movement, everyone is able to work together to create material as a unit regardless of your major or your age.  I just love being able to dance with so many different personalities and see how differently people move.

Nicole Anderson, student in Dance